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Japanese stories FAQ

1) The Japanese Sonic stories on this website are very different from those in the USA/Europe game manuals and comic books/cartoons.

The Sonic the Hedgehog series is made-up of many different 'universes'. Although each universe shares many similarities, they have fundamental differences. In order to appreciate the Sonic series, the universes have to be looked at individually instead of at a whole. The Japanese stories form a story universe that is different from those depcited in the western manuals and spin-offs.

2) Which universe is correct?

There is no 'correct' universe as each one is telling a unique story about Sonic the Hedgehog. The Japanese Sonic's stories are directly connected to the games, as they often written by the people responsible for producing the titles.

3) Aren't the Japanese stories pointless? After all, the Sonic games don't have a proper story line.

This is a common misconception that is probably based on people's lack of knowledge of the originals Japanese story lines. If you look at the Japanese stories on this website, you will see that there are strong links between the stories, and the stories are often very detailed.

For example, the Sonic Adventure story line resolves unanswered questions in the Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles stories. The Sonic Heroes story line continues elements of the Chaotix character profiles. Nearly all of stories tend to links to other titles in the series.

When looking at the Japanese stories, bare in mind that the Spinball story is based on the American Sonic cartoon and so does not fit in with the rest of the games. At times, the Japanese game gear Games appear to be written as if they are part of their own separate universe (although this could be a misinterpretation).

It is also important to remember that many of the Japanese stories, character profiles and zone descriptions have not been translated so our understanding of story line will be limited and incomplete.

Website FAQ

4) Why did you create this website?

Many of the Sonic translation tend to be scattered around message threads that are have a limited life. This website brings all the translations together in one place, making them easier to access.

6) I want to use these translations on my website.

As long as you credit the original translators, then there should be no reason as to why anybody would object.

7) I have a Japanese Sonic's story line/translation that is not on this website.

Please post below and I will put it on this website.

8) I wrote a translation, but don't want it posted on this website.

Please post below and I will remove the translation.

9) I have written a translation, but I have not been credited for it.

Please post below and I will give you credit for it.

10) I wrote a translation and I want a link to my website to be placed on the translation.

Please post below with details of your website and I will place a link on the translation.

Futher information FAQ

11) I want to know more about the Japanese games/Sonic universe.

Visit The GHZ - the best website for Sonic game information.

12) Where can I obtain scans of the Japanese manuals?

Sonic Stuff has a good collection in the manual section, as does Secrets of Sonic Team.

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