Metal Sonic profile

From the: Metal Sonic 12" disc (a rare wall disc released in Japan)
Obtained by: Very Crazy Penguin

This is a machine
which Eggman developed
secretly in order to compete
with Sonic's speed.
Its speed is equal to that of Sonic.
However, it
can achieve 4 times the accelerating speed
of Sonic when the circuits
are overloaded. when the energy overloads
the circuitry, blue-white
sparks spout from Metal Sonic.
The reaction is called
"V. Maximum Overdrive
Attack" and its power
can penetrate any substance.

However, V. Maximum Overdrive
Attack cannot be sustained
because of its unfavorable
cost performance and potential to
destroy Metal Sonic itself.
In addition, Metal Sonic can
also use its radiation attack called
Ring Spark Field,
but this also has its drawbacks.
This attack affects speed,
since electric power is released to the outside.


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