Sonic CD Character profiles

From the: Sonic CD Japanese game manual
Translated by: Michael "G.Silver" Stearns


Rosie the Rascal
Real Name / Amy Rose
Gender / Female Age / 8
Personality / Energetic tomboy. Talent Weather (*)
Specialty? / Card Reading - Dousing (*)

A bright, energetic girl who likes fortunes and mystic things. She came to the Little Planet by "the order of the cards," but there she has a "destined" encounter with Sonic. And then…

(*) - Uncertain translation

Doctor Eggman

An evil genius scientist. This time, his target is the Time Stones, and then he plans to conquer the world.
In order to counter his rival, Sonic, he has constructed a robot just like him.

Metal Sonic

LIPS AI EGGMAN Custom Chip (In Head 3 Basic loading)
Fuzzy Interaction System Logical Operation
Imitation Neuro-Connection between sections

Power Control - Neo Super FX DSP Chip (In body section 5 Basic loading)
Image Revision - Next Risk chipset III (In Eye-unit 8 basic loading * RGB distinction)

Monocock Titanium

Reinforced Blue Metal Tectite

250cc 4 Prong Orugon Fusion Engin
Max Power 55ps/6800rpm
Max Torque 7.54Kg-m/4000rpm

Tesla Power Coil Electromagnetic Induction Energy output
Max Power 256 Kw

Total Height: 765.4 mm
Dry Weight: 125.2 kg

The ultimate robot built by Eggman. His abilities are the same as Sonic's, and what's more, he can put out speeds faster than Sonic in an instant. Aligned with Eggman's intentions, he regards Sonic as an enemy.


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