Sonic the Hedgehog

From the: Sonic the Hedgehog game manual
Translated by: Mary Yamasaki

The malevolent gifted scientist, Dr. Eggman, prepares his bad intentions again:

" Sonic… This impertinent, this contrary hedgehog; he hopes that my bigger projects are always annihilated. But this time, my strength that resides in my intellect will crush him! Ha ha ha ha…"

South Island is a treasure of jewels and ruins, including the "Chaos Emeralds" that sleep buried somewhere within the island. These stones deal to all life a terrific energy. New techniques basing themselves on nuclear weapons and laser radii are then possible. But, they are not necessary should these stones fall between bad hands that don't understand their power. Also, since South Island is an island with a circular movement, the island started forming a interdimensional torsion in which the Chaos Emeralds wander. One day, something horrible presented himself on the island. Dr. Eggman and his army set foot there.

"Ha ha!. Even though it is necessary to transport every particle of this island, I will have the Chaos Emeralds!!".

Then, Dr. Eggman undertook the development of an enormous fortress in an angle of the island.

"Eggman, not again him?!!!"

Hearing rumors circulating on South Island, Sonic ran. Dr. Eggman thinks that Sonic is his deadly enemy, but Sonic does not really account of his adversary. However when Sonic arrived on South Island, a strange spectacle was held before Sonic.

"Look Sonic, this time the situation is totally different!
ALL the animals of the island have been transformed into robots!"

"E… everybody!"

"These individuals act henceforth under my unique control. In short, all the island is now your enemy! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.. This time, the whole world will be mine!"

Difficult! But go for it!
As Sonic the Hedgehog, everybody waits for your help


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