Sonic Channel Character Profiles - Tails

From the: Sonic Channel website
Translated by: Thrippa


  • Real name : Mairusu Paua
  • English name : Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Nickname : Teirusu
  • Classification : Kitsune (fox)
  • Gender : Male
  • Height : 80 cm
  • Weight : 20 kg
  • Age : 8 years
  • Special skill: Rotating his two tails to fly in the air.
  • Hobbies : Tinkering with machines * Flying mechas

Hie real name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls him "Tails". This kind-hearted foxcub possesses 2 tails. By spinning these tails he is able to fly through the air. At a time when everyone picked on his two tails, he unexpectedly encountered Sonic's running form while wishing for courage; since that time he has never been far from Sonic's side. He loves to tinker with machines and has developed various mechas. As far as Sonic is concerned, he's a delightful little brother; Tails himself hopes to one day be the person that Sonic will depend on.


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