Sonic Riders Course Profiles - Sand Ruins

From the: Sonic Riders (official Japanese) website
Translated by: Thrippa

Night Chase

The airship of the Babylon Rogues takes to the skies. It approaches a mysterious shadow. Eggman, having heard rumors of Jet, boards the lone ship. Jet and Eggman wish to obtain the treasure that sleeps in the legendary Garden of Babylon. The two agreeing on the goal decide to cooperate for the sake of the one being that can hinder them. The fastest hedgehog on the land: Sonic.

Course Overview:

Metal City at night, when it is painted with colored lights. The entrance to the city's underground energy supply line opens, the old road that was abandoned as town planning for the future took precedence. As for the enormous moon that shines atop the second tower, it is used for the city's energy PR.

Course capture:

1. Going to crash into the wall at high speed? Change your stance to run along the first wall!
2. Use the trailer's ramp and decide on a trick! Move further ahead?
3. Your silhouette shines, illuminated by the light of the moon. Decide on a trick, you've got one shot!

Map Highlights:

1. Starting point: Neon lights hide the darkness where you stand. [2nd sentence illegible]
2. Access to underground energy supply line: Unlike earlier courses, if you don't decide on the perfect trick, you'll end upside down in this world of darkness.
3. Left-hand route: Speed types make use of the left side pipeline. Choose your tricks!
4. Central route: Fly types can access the dash rings in the central route! Travel the road that is not a road!
5. Right-hand route: As for power types, smash through the energy tanks to go to the right side!
6. Special guard area: [can't decipher]
7. Inside trailer: Open the trailer that blocks the entrance to the route!?
8. Hairpin curve: Use the slide turn in this area of the course!


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