Sonic Riders Course Profiles - Green Cave

From the: Sonic Riders (official Japanese) website
Translated by: Thrippa

Green Cave

Again, Sonic saw a figure before him - the leader of the Babylon Rogues, "Jet".
Watching Sonic's practice form, "You cannot ride the wind if you do not become one with your gear. It's impossible if you do not have wings!" he laughed. Vexed, on Sonic's behalf, "It can be done by remodeling the gear further myself…" said Tails, depressed, then with a complete change "The secret of the enemy's gear can be detected in the race!" showing enthusiasm to triumph!

Course Overview:

As a result of being covered with enormous leaves that allow little light to penetrate, this great unexplored area is also called "Green Cave". All living things have become abnormally gigantic, the ecosystem is not yet clearly known.
The race route uses natural components such as the ivy entwined amid the massive tree limbs and gigantic leaves.

Course capture:

1. Can you find the railway when it's camouflaged by leaves?
2. Fly types use the halfpipe for tricks to access the dash rings.
3. Enormous grape vines cover the path. Power types throw the obstacles out of the way!
4. A spider web here? Decide at once on a high-ranknig trick for a shortcut!

Map Highlights:

1. Starting point - [can't translate]
2. Big tree curve: use grinding to travel down the spiral curve in the hollow trunk of this big tree!
3. Hairpin curve: When you've passed through the spiral curve, airslide to turn the oppostie direction.
4. Stem road: Forking left and right, the stems form a maze. Can you access the top of the stalk to race?!
5. Dash rings: Fly types pass through the opening using air ride!
6. Nest of the enormous centipede: Ahead, the cave comes out into the hole of a giant centipede? Riding the centipede's back you rise through this mysterious world!
7. U-turn route: Run the U-turn by airsliding and come out! Do a backflip to reach the spider's web.
8. Spiderweb -> the outside world: When the spiderweb is encountered, rise at once. Reach for the supervast outside world!!


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