Washers are essentially elevators that have been modified with a unique Sonic twist. By running at top speed, Sonic can turn the washers up and down the screw poles. This will allow him to access higher platforms.

As the video shows, enemies can be used as a fake danger. As Sonic is running on the spot, he is unable to avoid the projectiles. This creates a sense of terror, as the player is certain that Sonic will take damage.

The placement of the enemies ensures that being hit by a projectile is impossible (provided that Sonic does not stop running).

The player is not necessarily aware of this deliberate placement and will likely believe that the danger was avoided due to the speed at which Sonic travels up the pole. Hence, this fake danger helps to further emphasise the value of Sonic’s speed.

Washers in the modern games

Although elevator platforms occur frequently in modern games, the washer device has not returned.

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