The Speed Zone

Speed is the defining quality of the Sonic games.
Out of the three ingredients that are needed to make a Sonic game pleasurable, speed is the one ingredient that is unique to the Sonic series - the remaining ingredients exist in other games.
Using speed in a video game is not straightforward as it can create many issues.
This section deconstructs the mechanics behind speed.
It examines techniques that ensure speed remains pleasurable in a video games.

Basic concepts

This basic concepts in this section define how speed functions in a Sonic game and establishes principles for ensuring that speed remains pleasurable.

Concepts examined include:

  • The pleasures of speed
  • The problems of using speed in a video game
  • Five principles needed to make speed pleasurable
  • The categories of speeds that exist in the Sonic games
  • The differences in speed between the modern and classic games

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Rush & Spectacle Mechanics

Sonic games are filled with spectacular scenes of speed that produce a satisfying adrenaline rush. This section deconstructs the mechanics that produce a ‘rush’ and spectacle.

Mechanics analysed include:

  • Scripted Sections
  • Wall walking
  • Skateboarding mechanics
  • Pinball mechanics

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Contrast Mechanics

Contrasts are essential for keeping speed fresh. This sections examines methods for creating contrasts.

Mechanics examined include:

  • Slower paced obstacles
  • Methods for integrating obstacles to ensure a seamless transition from the speedier sections

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Super Power Mechanics

It’s no use being “the fastest thing alive”, if the speed is not utilised an interesting manner. This section examines mechanics for turning Sonic’s speed into a super power.

Mechanics examined include:

  • Super Hero situations
  • Gravity Obstacles

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A poorly designed control system will destory the experience of speed. This section examines considerations that allow the controls to enhance and compliment the speed.

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