Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts generally push Sonic in the opposite direction of where he wants to go. By running at top speed, the player can overcome the force of the belts.

The belt may house an obstacle, which strikes at regular intervals. Sonic needs to use his speed to prevent the belt from pushing him towards the obstacle. When the obstacle has disappeared, Sonic must then speed forwards before the danger returns.

Conveyor belts in the modern games


Conveyor belts appeared in the Final Egg level of Sonic Adventure and in the train stages of Sonic the Hedgehog [For X-Box 360/PS3].

modern_good.png The belts functioned identically to the classic games.
modern_bad.png However, they were suspended over bottomless pits. This introduced a minor element of frustration, as if the player failed to use Sonic’s speed to overcome the belt, s/he would fall into the pit and die.

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