General Introduction

A legend in ruins

The original Mega Drive Sonic games are regarded as video game masterpieces. This shouldn’t be surprising as when released, each title offered innovative gaming experiences that were overflowing with creativity and imagination.
Their legacy, however, has not been preserved as later attempts at improving on, or even emulating, the quality of the original games have proved to be infamously problematic.
While the sales of modern Sonic games are still strong, this financial success1 can only be attributed to the appeal of the character, In terms of game play, the Sonic franchise is currently one of the most deplorable gaming series in existence2.

The aims of this site

Despite being over 10 years old, the original Mega Drive games are as playable today as they were when they were first released. Sonic Science aims to deconstruct these classic games to identify the specific mechanics and techniques that are responsible for creating a timeless, pleasurable gaming experience.
As a fuller explanation of this website can be found in the FAQ section, this introduction will now move onto the business of deconstructing the Sonic games.

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