Creating Choice through Level Design

This section examines how choice can be created through level design
It examines the different varieties of multiple routes and how each type is used in the classic and modern games
It explores techniques for incorporating routes and making routes hidden.

Choice through Multiple Routes
Multiple routes (for example, secret paths and alternative routes) are a key way of creating choice. This section examines the benefits of multiple routes.

Techniques for Implementing Multiple Routes without hindering navigation
The more choices the player has for exploring a level, the easier it is to become lost, which can frustration. This section examines navigational solutions for multiple routes.

A Classification of multiple routes
The concept of multiple routes can be broken down into various categories. This section examines these categories and the dis/advantages they create.

Devices for hiding routes
Hidden routes are secret routes. Finding them can be a magical experience for the player. This section acts as a glossary of the hiding techniques that are used in the classic games.

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