The Choice Zone

While speed is a defining quality of the Sonic series, interactivity, the ability to affect a game world as one chooses, is a defining quality of video games. On its own, speed goes against interactivity as the need to continually move fast turns a game into movie where the player simply holds down the forward button. Hence, offering choice is important to prevent the Sonic experience from being shallow.

Basic Concepts

The importance of choice
This section explores why choice is important to Sonic games.

Choice through speed

This section summarises all the sections that discuss choice in the speed zone

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Choice through level design

This section examines how choice can be created through level design

Mechanics examined include:

  • The importance of multiple routes
  • Ways of implementing multiple routes without hindering navigation
  • A classification of the various types of multiple routes
  • Devices for hiding routes in a stage.

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Choice from the perspective of developers

This section examines choice from the developers perspective. It explores practical techniques for including choice that do not require extra development resources.

Concepts examined include:

  • Implementing choice without causing wastage
  • Creating variety without over taxing development resources

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