Choice from the Perspective of Developers

Creating choice may seem a pipe dream, as development studios rarely have the time or resources to allow player to make individual choices. This section examines solutions to the development issues surrounding choice.
It demonstrates way choice can be efficiently created without over-taxing development resources.

Irresistibly: Ensuring choice does not cause wastage
Creating choice may seem wasteful, as if the player picks one option then s/he is ignoring the other.
This section introduces the concept of irresistibility.
By making choices irresistible, players will replay a game to experience every option.

Irresistibly & New approaches to production
This section examines the production history of Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles.
Their history reveals new approaches to developing games that allow for irresistibly without extra expense.

Methods for creating irresistibility
Choices are irresistible when they offer something ‘new’ .
As this section examines, offering something ‘new’ does not require extra expense.
It can be achieved through clever usage of existing assets.

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