The Challenge Zone

While speed is a defining quality of the Sonic series, interactivity, the ability to affect a game world as one chooses, is a defining quality of video games. On its own, speed goes against interactivity as the need to continually move fast turns a game into movie where the player simply holds down the forward button. Challenge gives the player a chance to prove that they are not just a viewer, but a master of the game space and it is the second way of creating interactivity in games. This section examines ways of allowing for challenge to prevent the Sonic experience from being shallow.

Forgiving Challenges
The section examines how challenge in the Mega Drives games were forgiving and how this quality helped to enhance the speed.

Bottomless pits
Bottomless pits have become a key method for increasing challenge in the newer Sonic games. As this section argues, bottomless pits are an extremely frustrating concept that destroy a Sonic game.

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