Angel Island Interviews FAQ

Why Interviews?

Interviews are great for several reason:
-They can be used to form theories about missing 'beta' elements from games
-They can shed light on what the creators were thinking when they made a game
-They can be used as talking points for Sonic discussion short, interviews are a useful way of enhancing the experience of being a Sonic aficionado. However, they don't stay online for long and can be difficult to find. This site brings them all together in one place!

How can I help?

If you find an interview not listed on the site, click here Make sure you include the source of where you found it from (and a date, if possible)

You haven't given me credit for an interview I typed/conducted

If you feel you deserve credit for something, or don't want an interview you typed/conducted to remain on the site, post a message (see below) to sought it out.

There is a mistake on one of your interviews

The interviews (including their mistakes) are copied exactly from the original sources.

You've posted one of my interviews without my permission

All interviews contain a link to the original site where the interview came from. The goal of Angel Island Interviews is to provide a comprehenive archive of Sonic releated interviews. However, if you would rather not have your interviews posted on this site, simply send an email to big(dot)smile(dot)mail(AT)gmail(DOT)com and the interview will be removed.

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