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  • Interview Date: 9 September 2005
  • Interview Topics: Sonic Riders
  • Interview Source: Gamepro external.png

Feature by: Martyn Williams, IDG News Tokyo Bureau

Posted: 09/13/05

Sega Corp. is developing another game in the company's popular Sonic series. The game, Sonic Riders, promises players a mixture of extreme sports, airboarding and racing battles and is scheduled to ship in 2006.

The game involves Dr. Eggman and his team, the Band of Thieves, challenging Sonic and friends to a Worldwide Grand Prix with the top prize of a rare airboard, called the Chaos Emerald. Gamers get a chance to try and stop Dr. Eggman winning this prize by playing as one of the Sonic characters. A preview of the game is expected to be shown at this week's Tokyo Game Show, and before the event we sat down with Takashi Yuda, a producer at the game design section of Sega's global entertainment R&D division.

GamePro: Where did the inspiration for Sonic Riders come from?
Takashi Yuda: I had an ambition to make a racing game in the Sonic series but rather than make a traditional racing game, I wanted to make something different with a feeling of surfing or extreme sports.

GP: How long have you been developing the game?
TY: One and a half years.

GP: What makes this different from other surfing or extreme sports games?
TY: In a normal racing game the course is always the same, but in our game it's always different. We've added turbulence so that the course taken through the track is different each time. Just like in surfing, where each wave is different. The turbulence is in the shape of a half-pipe so you can also use it to jump onto the edge to get to short-cuts not normally available.

GP: So are all the tracks water-based?
TY: No. We have different water tracks, city tracks and mountains tracks. There are 16 tracks.

GP: So it's not a surf-board then?
TY: No. It's like the airboard that was featured in "Back to the Future" movies.

GP: Is it a new game engine?
TY: Yes.

GP: How many different characters?
TY: Seventeen.

GP: Is there any difference between the games on different platforms?
TY: No. When the Sonic team makes a game it always tries to give the same experience on different platforms.

GP: Is the multi-player or online play?
TY: There is multi-player but not online.


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