Sky Sanctuary Zone Index (2002)
usa.gif 27 February 2002 - Sega Scream Interview (with Jun Senoue): Music, Sonic Adventure 2

uk.gif 05 March 2002 - CVG Interview with Yuji Naka: Sonic, Gamecube, Sonic Adventure 3
uk.gif 12 March 2002 - IGDA Press Release with comments from Yuji Naka: Yuji Naka's Life
usa.gif 18 March 2002 - CVG Article with comments from Yuji Naka: PSO, Online

usa.gif 17 July 2002 - XenGamers Interview with Yuji Naka

usa.gif 30 September 2002 - GameSpot Interview with Yuji Naka: Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic CD, PSO I & II, X-Box Live

usa.gif 02 December 2002 (approximate date) - Nintendo Power Game Watch Interview with Yuji Naka: PSO, Gamecube

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