Core Magazine Interview with Yuji Naka

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  • Interview Date: 07 June 2001
  • Interview Topics: PSO for Gamecube
  • Interview Source: Core Magazine external.png

Yuji Naka Talks GameCube

06.07 11pm EST

Admist the release of Phantasy Star Online Version 2 for the Dreamcast in Japan, Sonic Team director Yuji Naka agreed to answer some questions regarding the recently announced GameCube version. To begin, he was asked what specific changes will be made, to which Naka-san responded,

"Exactly what will be added hasn't been decided. After all, we just finished PSO Version 2 for the Dreamcast. Right now the development team is taking a much-deserved break. After that we'll reconvine and discuss what changes will be made to the GameCube version."


Thereafter, and more importantly, Naka-san was asked about the possible online compatibility between the Dreamcast and GameCube versions. He responded,

"That will be very difficult. To be honest, we're not sure about that yet. We haven't spoken to Nintendo in detail regarding their networking plans. They may use a closed service which would only be available to GameCube users, like KDD for Game Boy. We're not even sure about the networking protocols for the GameCube, and how it will perform online. That's why we couldn't comment on the game at E3. Who knows, maybe we'll have to call it 'Phantasy Star Offline.' [laughs..] The only thing we're sure about is the added four-player mode."

— Translation Asst. Tsuno Okasi


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