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  • Interview Date: 03 January 2000 (approximate date)
  • Interview Topics: NiGHTS, Sequel, AiR NiGHTS, PSO Version 2
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Yuji Naka Speaks in Core Magazine

01.03 10pm EST

While Sega producer Yuji Naka is best known for his work on the Sonic series, he's revered for producing a myriad of games. Specifically, Naka-san was responsible for a slew of Sega Saturn titles including Nights and Burning Rangers, which fueled the cultist community supporting the console. When the Saturn was prematurely abandoned however, fans could only ponder the possibility of sequels. With the Dreamcast era fading fast, Naka-san recently sat down with Weekly Famitsuto discuss the possibility of sequels to his cherished classics.

Famitsu: According to a recent survey, Nights was ranked in the top ten of Sega's best games ever. Will there be a sequel?
Naka-san: Whenever I meet players or attend game shows, inevitably this question comes up. [laughs..] I'm glad everyone has fond memories of Nights, but in some ways, that makes a sequel much harder for us.

Famitsu: How's that?
Naka-san: The Nights world exists in memories and imagination, and creating a sequel might destroy our original vision. Taking the players expectations into consideration makes it even harder to create a sequel. The same could be said for Burning Rangers.

Famitsu: Does that mean there's no possibility of a sequel?
Naka-san: I wouldn't say that. [smiles..] We plan to discuss the possibility of sequels again soon, when we can focus our attention on them. In reality, we had a sequel to Nights planned already.

Famitsu: For the Dreamcast?
Naka-san: No, for the Sega Saturn. We began working on it about a year after Nights was released. The game was going to utilize a controller motion-sensor system. Thereby, when the player tilts the controller the character responds accordingly. We tentatively planned to call the game 'Aero Nights.'

Famitsu: So there's still a possibility for sequels to Nights or Burning Rangers?
Naka-san: Absolutely. We may decide to develop a new game entirely that will serve as a sequel to Nights or Burning Rangers.

Famitsu: What about a sequel to Phantasy Star Online?
Naka-san: I think expansion versions or updates are more appropriate for a game like PSO. That's why we created Version 2. To create a real sequel would require 2-3 years and we don't have that kind of time. So even if we don't release a 'real' sequel, we'll keep releasing expansion versions.

— Translation Asst. Walt Wyman


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