Official Dreamcast Magazine USA Interview with Yuji Naka

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ODCM: Do you think 2000 will be a good year for Dreamcast?
Yuji Naka: Ofcourse, yes. As Dreamcast goes into its third year, many titles will take advantage of its online capabilities. I intend to fully utilize these.

ODCM: How do you think Dreamcast titles will be different in 2000?
YN: I believe that more than 90 percent of Dreamcast games will use online features.

ODCM: What is the Dreamcast title you are looking forward to the mst in the year 2000?
YN: Personally, I'm looking forward to my Phantasy Star Online best. Bu tI am also looking forward to seeing new types of games coming from both inside and outside Japan.

ODCM: What games are you playing right now?
YN: Shenmue. This title really is a new type of game!

ODCM: What will 2000 be like for Sega?
YN: As you know, Sega will segregate its R&D division, and make independent R&D companies. This will give Sega's creators many opportunities to leap forward.

ODCM: Are you looking forward to seeing the future with advanced Technology?
YN: Absolutely. But I am a little sad about the year 2000- I had anticipated that technology would be much more advanced than it is.

ODCM: Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?
YN: Aliens? Yes, I want to see them. I want to do something together with them.

From ODCM #4 (March 2000) transcribed by Suneet Shah


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