Edge Interview with Yuji Naka

Interview Data:

  • Interview Date: Unknown (1998)
  • Interview Topics: Sonic, design, appeal
  • Interview Source: Edge at Y2 external.png

Edge #65 interview (Transcribed by Andreas Tunek)

Edge: Where did the idea for Sonic come from?
Yuji Naka: At first, we wanted to make an entire game running full speed, which we had never seen before, and the character was born from there.

Edge: How did this idea evolve as Sonic developed?
YN: We managed to stir feelings with his speed. We improved hi design to be able to run on a round-shaped ground as well as straight and flat ones. Furthermore, we succeded in making him run on a loop. In order not to lose his speed and to attack, we made him curl himself up like a ball when he jumped.

Edge: What do you see as Sonic's defining characteristics?
YN: He's cool and the fastest hedgehog in the world.

Edge: What feelings is Sonic designed to evoke from the player?
YN: He will make action as soon as he thinks of it. He can't bear staying calm.

Edge: To what extent does Sonic's form follow his function?
YN: He can run fast. He can attack his enemies by rolling in high-speed because curling his own body is his offensive preperation.

Edge: What's the secret of Sonic's succes?
YN: He is not only an honoured character, but is seen as a reliable friend to young people.


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