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This TEXT comes from a french magazine "Mega Force"

At the time of our last passage at SEGA to Japan, the last month, we had the luck to be able to meet Mr.Kanari, The creator of Sonic. To be more precise, he agrees to signal however that Mr.Kanari directed the team who achieved this big classic, because a good fifteen of people collaborated to this project, containing graphistes, inventors, programmers and as musicians. It says, it is Mr.Kanari that is this team's soul and he followed the realization of this tip project in tip.

MF: Mr.Kanari, can we tell yourselves what were your incentives when you created Sonic?
MK: We had already created some SEGA heroes on the MASTER SYSTEM, as ALEX KIDD, WONDERBOY or again SHINOBI, and it is obvious that such characters contributed to the success of this console. With the arrival of the MEGADRIVE, it seemed to us important to create a new character that the public could identify to this console and it is SONIC that has been chosen.

MF: Why a blue hedgehog to have chosen?
MK: It is clear that youngsters wanted a cute character, then we put our graphists to work and they created the new character heaps, of which some will probably be heroes of futures games. There were all ways of animals, as well as of humans. Finally, we chose the hedgehog because he symbolized the idea of speed that glued with the MEGADRIVE well. As for the color of Sonic, the choice was obvious because the bruise is the color of SEGA.

MF: Did you imagine that SONIC would take back such a success?
MK: We were sure that Sonic would be pleasing to the public, but we have nevertheless been surprised of the fantastic success that took back this new character. Now, Sonic is a real star who makes a lot for the picture of SEGA.

MF: Is this you that had the idea to attach a friend to Sonic, the nice fox of Sonic 2?
MK: No, this is not me and it is necessary to specify that contrary to the previous game, Sonic 2 has not been developed in Japan but to the United States by teams of SEGA US.

MF: Many readers of MEGAFORCE wished that Sonic has a boyfriend. Is it considered and is he/it foreseen that new characters rejoin Sonic thereafter?
MK: Indeed, we noted that the public wished that Sonic has friends. Several projects are currently to the survey and it is not excluded that Sonic has a boyfriend thereafter. Of the remainder, a magazine of strips drawn Japanese publishes a set dedicated to Sonic regularly. In this comic, Sonic have a family and friends, then why not to make in the same way in a game?

MF: How many people worked on Sonic and how much time did the development of this game last?
MK: More of about fifteen people participated in the realization of the game. In all the development of Sonic took close to one year and half, distinctly more that for most the SEGAS games.

MF: Do you already prepare other games dedicated to our favorite hedgehog?
MK: The branch Arcade of the Research service and Development of SEGA is currently finishing a game dedicated to Sonic (Solly: which will be known as SEGASONIC to its left…). This is not the resumption of an existing game on console, but an entirely new program that is especially achieved for rooms of arcade. It is necessary to signal that this gait is very unaccustomed, because it is still games of SEGA arcade that are converted on console and for the first time it is the inverse that occurs. But the notoriety of Sonic is as it had to make his entrance in rooms of arcade.

MF: Thank you Mr.Kanari, and don't hesitate to give numerous following to adventures of Sonic!


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