Japanese interview with Naka, Yasuhara and Ohshima

Interview Data:

The following interview was provided by Hari Hari, creator of Act Select. It was printed in a Japanese Magazine in March 1991 and later appeared in the Japanese Sonic Jam strategy guide. It discusses the Mary Garnett story


This gist translation is by G.Silver:

The gist is that Yasuhara runs down the basic scenario—not too long ago, in the "Right Stuff"-esque past, there was a particular test pilot who was good at running, they called him "Sonic" (and it was written on the back of his jacket), yadayadayada. This story was forgotton in America, but some of the Sega staff recently came upon it, and so they made the game, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Then Ohshima (listed as BigIsland, of course) interjects just as the story is getting good and says the story is, of course, completely made up, and Naka says (as if the topics are somehow related) that you can't play Sonic on a Super Famicom!


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